In its engagement in the field of cleaning premises and territories and building management, UAB Corpus A creates, maintains, and constantly improves a safe and healthy environment and declares the following commitments:

  • we guarantee that we provide quality services to our Clients;
  • we honour all of our contractual obligations, we measure the level of satisfaction of our Clients and always take their shifting needs into consideration;
  • we measure compliance with the legal and other requirements that apply to the Company’s operations, environmental protection, health and safety;
  • we choose our partners responsibly and only work with those whose products satisfy our requirements;
  • we provide our employees with safe and healthy conditions for work and growth, we create a positive work environment. We identify and measure professional risks and envision risk management measures;
  • we involve employees in organising the health and safety system at the Company, we consult employee representatives on health and safety issues;
  • we measure and minimise the environmental impact of our operations;
  • we avoid chemicals that pose a threat to the environment;
  • we try to use the latest technologies in our operations;
  • we recycle the waste produced at the Company;
  • we envision preventive actions for incidents.

    We are in compliance with the requirements of management system ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. We assess the compliance through internal and external audits. We use and will continue to use the results effectively for the purposes of evaluative analysis, in making key strategic decisions relating to the Company’s business and its further development.

Egidijus Sakalauskas
February 2020

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