Interior cleaning services

Leave cleaning your office space and taking care of your production, back- and front-office areas should first contact the builder, which in most cases is the seller of the property. If the builder is not the seller, the buyer should approach the seller with a claim for the remedy of the flaws while the warranty is in effect to us so you can focus on your key business while we have all the cleaning matters covered.

Maintenance and management of territories

A clean territory surrounding your office or building is just as important as clean rooms inside the office or the building. We will take care of your territory’s maintenance by cleaning your yards and sidewalks, managing greenery, performing other maintenance work on the territory.

Special cleaning services

Special cleaning services are exclusive projects that we employ all of our knowledge and experience to carry out while using intricate, integrated cleaning procedures and technologies and special cleaning products. If you have unusual cleaning needs, we will help you find the right solution considering the specifics of your premises or environment.

Additional services

For your convenience, in addition to our cleaning services, as per your requirements, we are always prepared to provide you with other services.

We provide our services to various institutions and in different types of buildings:

  • Production company facilities
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Educational and science institutions
  • Hotels and homes
  • Entertainment and leisure, retail, sports venues
  • Offices and banks
  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Warehouses
  • Public institutions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Governmental institutions
  • Residential buildings
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