Building management

We continuously monitor and maintain the condition of buildings or premises, administrate invoices, oversee electrical, water, sewerage, ventilation, and other complex systems and structures, ensure the performance of warranty obligations. We offer integrated problem solutions when they are due and, if necessary, will resolve and manage any technical difficulty or situation you may be facing.

Maintenance of apartment buildings and blocks

We provide services to communities of apartment buildings and blocks of private homes, ensure the maintenance of buildings, premises, and general-access territories and facilities. Our team covers all aspects of maintenance, from the smallest preventive tasks to repairs and renovation.

We provide our services to various institutions and in different types of buildings:

  • Production company facilities
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Educational and science institutions
  • Hotels and homes
  • Entertainment and leisure, retail, sports venues
  • Offices and banks
  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Warehouses
  • Public institutions
  • Commercial buildings
  • Governmental institutions
  • Residential buildings
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